UWS Save Our Stores (UWS SOS) is a non-profit community advocacy group that came together in January 2019. Its volunteers are dedicated to stopping the epidemic of long-term vacant storefronts and improving the quality of street life on the Upper West Side. Addressing this crisis is in the public interest and must be on​ the agenda of our elected representatives.

UWS SOS has identified three courses of action:

Engage and build our community of activists so our concerns and demands for solutions are heard by our elected officials; 
Educate ourselves and our community about the problems of retail blight and possible solutions; and
Advocate for solutions, by supporting legislative initiatives as well as innovative ideas for commercial revitalization.

If you would like to receive newsletters or meeting announcements, or you are interested in becoming a volunteer on one of our task force committees, please sign up here.

For more information, write to UWSSOS@gmail.com.